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We Believe
People Matter.


This belief is the driving force behind everything we do as a church.  God loves each and every one of us completely and unconditionally, and what ever your life-story may be, that includes you, too!

We are God's church, and because you matter to Him, you matter to us.  It is our mission to reach people near and far to help them experience God's love and become true followers of Christ Jesus.


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We Help People
Live W.E.L.L.

If the belief that 'people matter to God' is why we do what we do, then 'helping people live well' is how we do what we do.

These biblical values can be found at the core of everything we do here at Little Flock, because we believe that these are among the most important traits of all Christ-followers.

Worship with Excellence

Equip for Growth

Lead our Families

Live on Mission