Growth Groups are short-term, study-based groups built around specific topics.  These groups are designed to help you dive in and learn in-depth about things such as finances, biblical values and principles, current issues, and more.

These groups meet weekly and are typically around 6 to 12 weeks long.  Because they are short-term, the groups being offered change regularly.

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Hebrews (Part 1) – Consider Jesus, Your Merciful High Priest

In these last days, God has spoken to us in His Son.  What does He say about Jesus, angels, and our great salvation? Learn about Jesus’ superiority to all in Hebrews that enlightens and enlivens Old Testament law and prophecy

Starting Wednesday, September 5 @ 6:30 pm. Contact for more info


Goliath Must Fall: Winning the Battle Against Your Giants

Many of us have giants in our lives – hang-ups and habits, fears and insecurities that keep us from reaching our full potential.  Frozen, we lose sight of the promise God has for our lives and settle for far less than best.

Starting Wednesday, September 5 @ 6:30 pm. Contact for more info


Believing God: Experience a Fresh Explosion of Faith

The bride of Jesus Christ in our generation is nearly paralyzed by unbelief. God is calling His bride to a fresh and lavish anointing of faith.

Starting Tuesday, September 4 @ 6:30 pm. Contact for more info


Mom Set Free: Good News for Moms Who Are Tired of Trying to Be Good Enough

As moms, we’re under constant pressure. We feel like we have to get it right in all areas of life—work, home, family, and faith. But those impossible standards leave us oscillating between worry, fear, anger, and shame. Discover how the gospel message can empower you to parent in the freedom of God’s sovereignty.

Starting Wednesday, September 12 @ 6:30 pm. Contact for more info


Redeemed: Grace to Live Every Day Better Than Before

The moment you accept Jesus as the Lord over your life, you are redeemed. As the redeemed, we experience a lifelong journey of being transformed into His image. explores the practical side of redemption, inviting us to lean upon Jesus for our real help and hope.

Starting Monday, October 15 @ 9:30 am. Contact for more info


Growing Strong in God’s Family: Navigators 2:7 Series

This study is based on the Scripture reference Colossians 2:7—the statement of the Apostle Paul to a New Testament church: “Rooted and built up in Him, strengthened in the faith as you were taught, and overflowing with thankfulness.” The series will help an individual learn to experience and enjoy a stable and consistent Christian walk.

Starting September 5 @ 6:30 pm. Contact for more info


Deepen Discipleship (part 1)

Deepen Discipleship is an interactive discipleship process that will prepare Christians for both local and global disciple-making in the context of local church community.

Starting September 5 @ 6:30 pm. Contact for more info


Pastor’s Bible Study

Pastor Rodney will be teaching in depth from the Word of God and bring to light who God is and how mankind is to relate with Him and with our fellow man.

Starting August 22 @ 6:30pm. Contact for more info


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