Following Jesus can be confusing and sometimes its hard to know what to do next. That's why we do it together. One of the best ways to learn about Jesus and discover your next step is in a Connect Group.

We have both on-campus groups that meet on Sunday mornings and off-campus groups that meet other times throughout the week. 


Off-Campus Groups:

-Kevin & Janet McKay: Thursday @6:30pm

-Tom & Dana Shawver: Friday @7pm

-Todd & Michelle Brimm: Sunday @6pm

On-Campus Groups 9am:

-Neal & Katie Anderson: Co-Ed (ages 18-25) Rm 251

-Dave & Laura Richerson: Couples (ages 18-35) Loft

-Kevin Hornbeck: Co-Ed (ages 25-45) Rm 241

-Tom & Patty Mann: Co-Ed (ages 45-65) Rm 185

-Dale & Gloria Carrier: Co-Ed (ages 45 and up) In Theater

-Bill Monhollon: Men (ages 65 and up) Rm 165

-Dewey McClearn: Men (ages 65 and up) Rm 171

-Dolores Bryant: Single Women (ages 35-55) Rm 237

-Vicki Mathys: Women (ages 55 and up) Rm 133

-Frances Prather: Women (ages 55 and up) Rm 147

-Joyce Newton: Women (ages 55 and up) Rm 129

-Ruby Hogg: Women (ages 65 and up) Rm 125

-Mayme Cordier: Women (ages 65 and up) Rm 131


On-Campus Groups 10:30am:

-Danny Hibdon: Co-Ed (ages 25-45) Room 237

-Bob & Belinda Cline: Co-Ed (ages 35-55) Rm 177

-Greg & Missy Cecil: Co-Ed (ages 35-55) Rm 147

-Dwayne & Mary Thomason: Co-Ed (ages 45-65) Rm 241

-Gary & Talonna Busam: Co-Ed (ages 45-65) Rm 165

-Lou & Christine Durall: Co-Ed (ages 45-65) Rm 131

-Bruce & June Webb: Co-Ed (ages 45 and up) Theater

-Jesse McPherson: Co-Ed (ages 45-65) Rm 133

-Debbie Alexander: Women (ages 25-45) Rm 185

-Dana Shawver: Special Needs (ages 18 and up) Rm 125


Rightnow Media

RightNow Media has over 15,000 Bible studies videos for small groups, families, students, leadership development, and much more.

RightNow Media is available as part of a church-wide subscription.  If you are interested in using this service then you will need to contact either the account owner, or any of the admins on the account. They will be able to send you an email invite so that you can set up a profile.

Is Joining a Connect Group your Next Step?